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Our Ministries

What is the
style of worship?

Wesley has what's called 'blended' worship. There's always some centering silence, an eclectic blend of great music, a thought-provoking sermon, and time to share our joys and concerns together. We are a diverse bunch, and our worship reflects that; we don't divide ourselves up by age, or musical tastes. Wesley is one community of faith--devoted to Jesus Christ, service, and one another.



Are children welcome in worship?

Young Disciples for the kids

Yes! Children are always welcome in worship; and don't worry if they voice their questions and squirm a little; the curiosity and the wiggle add to our worship together. 

SUNDAY SCHOOL  8:45 AM on Zoom Register    

In-Person at 11:00 AM, gathers in the Atrium after Worship

Sunday School will resume in the Fall of 2022

Women's Ministry

There are many ways to serve God, and we have diverse gifts and talents.  Getting in touch with women who engage in ministries within our church will help you find that connection.  One of those ministries is our United Methodist Women.  In every local church there shall be an organized unit of United Methodist Women." -- Discipline paragraph 265.5

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